DataWave 2.0 playground (in the browser)

Ion Utale
3 min readMay 8, 2020


A docker container containing the DataWeave compiler, with a VS Code like browser editor

Whoever had the “luck” to work with mule 4, knows about the pain to do what you need to do.

Although mule should allow you for faster developing time with all its ready to go integration modules, it makes you lose a lot of time with an extremely slow IDE.

I wont get into how to improve the IDE speed, but i will present you with a playground for datawave.

DW Playground

is a docker container, that you spin up on your machine and use it from the browser.


I like it because if fast to spin up, just 15 seconds

It was developed with java spring so is light ( as much as java apps can get, but much lighter than anypoint studio ), about 300 to 500mb of ram.

It has real time editing ( not always a good thing), this means that the code is evaluated as you type so you get an extremely fast result. Be aware to not use big files, just enough to create the script and at the end use the big file.

It has complete intellisense support.

You can have dw scripts that do one thing and then call them into the main script.

  1. The name of the script you are editing
  2. All Scripts files
  3. Active Script result
  4. Currently active script. To Activate it just double click on it into the script list view

Multiple data format support: json. csv, xml, etc..


like i said is a docker container so you can get it from docker hub

here is the command i like to use:

docker run — name dwplayground -p 8080:2990 machaval/dw-playground:2.3.0-SNAPSHOT

That is all.

Have fun

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Ion Utale