Ion Utale
1 min readJun 2, 2022


So the way I interpret the article is:
When you say OOP, you mean Java.
When you say type less, you mean JavaScript.
Am I correct?

I had my fair share of OOP with: Java, kotlin, objective-c and swift.

My first experience with JavaScript was like riding a wild horse 🐴. Nothing made sense, but yet awesome things where build with it. I’m talking about jQuery era. I hated JavaScript for the same reasons you are pointing. But I was young, and little I knew.
Than a time has come, when I needed a lite server, to automate some manual queries that had to be run every day. After months of trying any other platform, I finally gave up and tried nodejs.
My god the suffering with all those callbacks. But it worth it. Automated everything with a node process that was taking just 20 Mb of ram.

Is hard to learn new things, specially when they are so outside our comfort zone, but sometimes is worth it.

JavaScript is easy to learn, and hard to master. It requires discipline, more than other languages, but is worth it.

JavaScript is not a jack of all trades, and wrong searching for one. Each tool has its place and time and should be used accordingly.
Trying to generalize one tool for everything, usually leads to bad things.



Ion Utale